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Aug. 21, 2006


August 156s.jpgAugust 152s.jpg

August 149s.jpg Well, crunch time is here and the first Sunset Chalet is 24 hours away from having the ribbon cut! I apologize for the recent drought of news, but we've been busting our tails getting all the final prep work into the cabin! We've had many tradesmen, from flooring to jewelstone to plumbing and electrical, everyone's had their time to shine in the cabin lately! The carpenters have been truly unbelievable in both the interior and exterior of the cabins. The detail work is intricate, and I look forward to adding pictures once all the tools are removed from the site! I am sure that our first guests are going to be blown away! The jewelstone finish is a bulletproof concrete that is very diverse in color and finish. It was used for the showers, the countertops, the hearth, and the floor of the screened-in porch. Dino and his helper Ryan have done a great job thus far. One of the other projects that Dino has been able to do while here was at the main lodge. The screened-in porch that is just off the bar has always had a need for a finished floor, but until we learned about jewelstone we just didn't know what to put down! Dino did a great job. In the picture, you can see one of our guides Dan sitting next to his artwork. Before the final epoxy glosses over the floor, Dan was able to paint a beautiful Aikens Lake Logo into the floor. Great stuff, the place looks sharp!

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