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Turbo wins the guide competition

Jul. 22, 2005


As an aside to the tournament held these past few days, the guides also competed in a seperate category. After day 1, Turbo had a commanding lead on everybody. However, Diesel made a huge comeback in day 2. Diesel was fishing with tournament champ Chris and they were catching slot after slot including three 27.5" walleyes. Near the end of the day, Diesel finally surpassed Turbo to take a lead! They were fishing side by side in the Saddle at the time. As 5:00 neared, Turbo would not be denied. He was reeling in a small walleye when this monster pike hit it! After a nerve-splitting few minutes and a couple of missed nets, the pike finally made its way into the boat. The 42.5" pike (pictured above) pushed Turbo back in the lead and gave him the top prize in the tournament!

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