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Torrential rain nearly sinks fleet!

Jul. 11, 2005


With no guests and the staff all back at home, the lodge has been quiet in the past few days. This is the week of our annual break where everyone on the staff gets to go home to reunite with family, friends, better halves, and they get to spend all the money that's been accumulating in their bank accounts! As you all know, the water has been very high this year and the docks have required weight (in the form of heavy barrels) in order to prevent them from floating away! The end of the dock where we land the planes was already about 10 inches under water... Well, a HUGE storm hit this past weekend that added 6 inches to an already flooded lake! The only people there right now are Gerry & Lorraine along with Maurice & Jeanne. They have been working frantically to bail all the boats that were nearly sunk! Also, several things are now at the water's edge including the Lone Coyote and Fox's Den cabins (the ones down the path behind the sawmill)! Hang on, as the reinforcements will be returning at the end of the week!!!

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