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Todd "Big Wig" Wiggins cashes in at last second

Sep. 12, 2006


Papich 017.jpgPapich 113s.jpg Todd Wiggins loves walleyes... I mean he flat out loves walleyes! Any walleye from 20-30" will be able to make Todd smile like if his long lost dog had just returned home! Last year was Todd's first at Aikens. He had been up to Canada fishing before, but had never experienced walleye fishing like Aikens can offer! Todd brought some of his best sales people from around the US up to Aikens with him. Although they landed a big trophy pike and a ton of quality walleyes in 2005, the trophy walleye eluded them. This year, they came back looking to improve on the last year's biggest walleye of 27". On the first day, Terry Cunningham landed a big trophy pike (41.75") and the fishing was good. Throughout the trip, many big walleyes were caught, but that 27" barrier was a tough nut to crack. On the final day, the walleye fishing was very good. Many 26" were caught at Chris's Corner and at Mofn Reef, but it appeared that for the second year in a row that master angler walleye would elude the group. Todd, Chuck, and Terry were fishing with Pit. At 4:30, Pit decided it was time to awaken the spirits on Bear Island. Todd's group had a bit of history from last season with a bear, and so Bear Island was the fitting place to bring down the curtain on the 2006 trip. Todd set the hook as soon as his jig hit the bottom... into a 9" walleye! It appeared the end was near... but then the Bear gods did not disappoint! With less than 15 minutes of fishing left in their trip, Todd hooked and landed a lunker 28.25x14" walleye! It was very young and healthy looking, and you know that this fish has many more years of growing left in it! Congratulations Todd... you may want to thank the bear for his help on that one!

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