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Three Trophy day for GGO Group!

Jun. 08, 2008


Tom Frain and his group of friends have been coming to Aikens for years. Enjoying the majestic and spacious setting of the Great Gray Owl Outpost, the group sets out for the lake with guides everyday. Day one was very nice and once again the Back Bay produced yet another trophy. Bottom bouncing a spinner rig with a crawler was the technique of choice and Dan Klasen caught a beautiful 28" Walleye. Day two brought a huge East wind and constant showers. But as the old adage  held true: "When the fishing gets tough, the tough get fishing!". Those who did brave the waves had a good time on the lake, and of course, the classic Aikens Shorelunch warmed even the soggiest of anglers. Day three, however had it's fair share of success.   Dave Hayward and Bryan Lupe each caught trophy Whitefish down river (fast water and Slammer Straights). And one lucky fisherman, Doug Harvey, caught a newly added Manitoba Master Angler game fish.  Doug's 22" Sucker was the third trophy fish for group capping off a great day on the lake! Congratulations guys! With only Lake Trout, Perch and Burbot missing from the trophy book, the question begs to be asked. Will you be the one who breaks the ice for these species?

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