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Oct. 14, 2010


  David Sone and his 31″ walleye on day 1  A proud Michael Clarfield with his 44″ pike Fishing at Aikens Lake is amazing! This year was no different. Hundreds of anglers from all over the world converged on Aikens this season to try their hand at landing trophy fish on our rich fishing grounds. Thousands upon thousands of fish were caught (and released) in our guide boats between now and early May. But above all everyone enjoyed their fun-filled relaxing experience at Aikens. Some truly awesome fish were recorded this year, our Master Angler's Club and new Century Club grew with many new members. Here are this years biggest fish by species: First off 2010's largest Whitefish was caught by Mr. Mark Jaster from Mankato, MN. This 25'' slab put up a heck of a fight at the Fast Waters.  Way to go Mark! Jake’s awesome laker on a beautiful Aikens day  Mark with the biggest whitefish of the season Our benchmark Northern Pike this year was angled by Mr. Micheal Clarfield hailing from Toronto, ON. The 44'' beast was seduced out the weeds with a Glidin' Rap in Moosehead Bay in mid-June. The Snaggletooth was the second of a three trophy pike day! Incredible catch and an incredible day! Aikens Lake's deep waters held another awe-inspiring fish for one lucky angler. Jacob Siegal (whose family has been visiting us for many years), had his nerves, and his knees a-knockin (inside joke for Jake!) in check when he fought this Goliath. The large Lake Trout  smacked his tube jig way out in uncharted waters between Kik's and Chris' Corner. The Siegal's guide (Griffin) reported hauling in lake trout non-stop that early June day - one of the best laker days recorded on Aikens with over 75 fish landed including a bunch of triple-headers!  Hot action on a hot day!Misty fall morning on Aikens And of course, Aikens' claim to fame is its out-of-this-world Walleye fishing. By far the most prevalent of our trophy species, 2010's biggest was claimed by first-time guest Mr. David Sone. On the morning of his first day out on his first (but definitely not last) trip to Aikens Lake,  he hauled in a whopping 31'' Eye in 31 feet of water off South Shore Reef! What a way to begin your Aikens Experience. David and his father Ken, both from Chicago, couldn't stop smiling! Congratulations to all these lucky fishermen. Your trophies will surely etch a spot in your memories and give us all something to dream about! Thanks for being a part of our 2010 season.

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