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There's nothing sweeter than the HoneyHole

Jun. 03, 2005


A day of turmoil turned into a day of triumph for David Landers. He and his son Chris had an arduous day of travel as they attempted to locate lost baggage (fishing rods, no less!) from the airlines and followed that up with a two-hour delay in Silver Falls due to heavy rain! However, they were able to get to Aikens before supper and then the sun started shining! The rain which had been downpouring all day suddenly stopped, and a beautiful evening began. After supper, the Landers's headed to the Honeyhole with their guide Dave. There, they caught slot walleyes all night! Chris almost lost his hand when he reached into the water to land a small walleye when all of a sudden a torpedo of a big pike hit the walleye! All three guys in the boat jumped back, but unfortunately they never found out how big the pike was as it spit out the small walleye before they could land both fish. At any rate, the walleye fishing continued to be, as Mr. Landers (who's been here several times in the past) put it, "The best walleye fishing I've ever had at Aikens!". As the sun set, a beautiful 29" latched on to David's line and it fought a long time before being netted. As you can see from the smile in the picture above... that fish was a perfect ending to a long day!!! Congratulations!!!

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