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The season comes to a close, and we say to our guests "Thankyou"!

Oct. 02, 2005


  Well, another fantastic season at Aikens Lake is now in the books. Once again, the fishing was outstanding. Our final trophy count stands at 134... better than one trophy fish for every two guests! We had our highest water levels since we bought the lodge in 1989! As many of you saw this summer, it took alot of "bush engineering" to keep up with the high water levels. Docks had to be built on top of our existing docks... which at one point were up to 24" under water! However, everyone who came to Aikens once again had their expectations exceeded in terms of service, fishing, and smiles! 2005 was also great in another sense. Our new partnership with Chris Jensen and the Aviary Group was a great success. We were able to renovate the main lodge, as well as begin construction on "Le Canot", the new male staff residence! These are the first steps in our rebuilding which will take Aikens to the next level. Next year, ambitious construction will allow us to replace the final two Wilderness Trail cabins, complete the renovation of the lodge and clubroom, as well as build a spacious new office and store. Stay tuned this winter as we will be updating the newsletter whenever something interesting comes up. Have a great winter and we look forward to seeing you all again next season!

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