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The Olympics return to Aikens

Jul. 28, 2005


  A tradition was started way back in 1995 when the staff organized the "Little Hammered Olympics"... named then after the Lillehammer Olympics that were held in 1994. The staff would create teams, find a theme and get dressed up, then compete in various events such as volleyball, tug-of-war, bat twist, relay races, can toss, etc. The Olympics were held yearly until 2001 - at which point they tailed off. Tonight, the tradition returned after a three year hiatus! Four teams competed, and here were the final standings: 1st - Tonya Harding and the Hitmen (Pat, Tim, Jenna, Andree) 2nd - Snowboarding Sasquatches (Devon, Pit, Dave, Colin) 3rd - Socialite Serial Killers (Stacy, Andre, Diesel, Richard) 4th - Jacqueline and the mullets (Jacqueline, Turbo, Dan, Kik)

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