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The Miner twins accomplish an Aikens First

Aug. 22, 2010


Peter and Paul with a big double-header  the-miner-planes.jpg So you think you're in shape? How about swimming 4 miles clear across open water! This daunting physical feat was challenged and mastered by Mr. Peter and Paul Miner. The twin brothers have been coming to Aikens Lake for years. Drawn to the majestic Great Gray Owl for its luxury and unique experience, they've fished and boated hundreds of large fish over the years. This adventuresome duo have an impressive list of accomplishments. They've competed in numerous triathlons and marathons. They've recently passed their aviation courses and chose the fly their own Cessna to Aikens (we happily accommodate private planes). They've also finished their first Ironman recently. Currently training for their next Ironman (In Madison), they saw the GGO to Aikens Main Lodge swim as a perfect opportunity to continue their training (while on vacation). They donned their wetsuits and dove from the GGO dock. With a trailer boat spotting them, the  front crawled their way towards our front beach. An hour and a half later, they emerged triumphant at the main beach holding the title of the first people to have swam the length of the lake! Congrats fellas, and best of luck in your next competition.

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