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The Land That Gives Life

Feb. 10, 2012


The Land That Gives Life

Good news! The nomination documents, fourteen volumes in total, for the proposed UNESCO World Heritage site for the East side of Lake Winnipeg (Pimachiowin Aki) has now been completed and signed off by the  government of Canada, the two Provincial governments (Manitoba and Ontario) and by the five First Nations communities who's traditional territories make up the bulk of he proposed UNESCO World Heritage site on the East side of Lake Winnipeg.

Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge is situated in the south western corner of this huge protected expanse. We have been deemed as a gateway for consumers and enthusiasts to experience and interact with the park, its wilderness and its resources.  In 2011, we hosted a large contingent of environmental experts, as well as political and First Nation representatives for a tour of the proposed site. It was recognized that Aikens Lake is an excellent example of stewardship and economic benefit through wilderness-based tourism products. All that remains for the UNESCO bid is to receive the final approval from head office in Paris. The site is named Pimachiowin Aki which translates to: "The Land That Gives Life". This section of Canadian Shield (Precambrian Shield) is one of the oldest geomasses on Earth and is the cornerstone of the North American continent. Its untouched trees, rivers and lakes are truly a site to behold and offer innumerable ecological benefits to all walks of life.

This review process will take about 13 to 15 months to complete and if the nomination documents meet the standards required under the UNESCO World Heritage Site Convention then this proposed UNESCO World Heritage site on the East side of Lake Winnipeg should receive approval and designation.

This will be the first site in Canada, if approved, to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for both its cultural and natural outstanding universal values.

Aikens is very proud to have a hand in this great endeavor. There is much prestige attributed to these amazing sites worldwide. This Unesco distinction also assures us that the majestic beauty that we've been so fortunate to share with our guests will remain just as spectacular for ages to come.

For a more in-depth look into the Pimachiowin Aki project, please visit:

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