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The crew grows larger!

May. 03, 2007


May at Aikens 029s.jpgMay at Aikens 037s.jpg We just welcomed a dozen more people at Aikens today, including chef Jimmy. That makes everyone very happy! The rest of our construction crew is now here, and we are going to start the big work tomorrow. Since the last update, we've had the chance to go fishing a second time (last night). We caught some supper at the falls, we released two walleye and a pike that were over slot. Once the stringer was sufficient, we went out to the main lake and tried to catch some lakers by the ice. We trolled our lures as close to the floating ice as we could, but without any success. It's something we've heard about for years but have never had the opportunity to try! I really had a good feeling, but nothing came out of it... oh well! Anyway, things are buzzing at the camp now so stay tuned for more updates!

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