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Thanks for a great 2006 season!

Sep. 29, 2006


September 002s.jpgSeptember 004s.jpg We (Julie and Pit) wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers that make Aikens the special place that it is. Without you, we wouldn't be able to keep this paradise on earth alive! This year, we made great strides in providing you the guest with the absolute best in boats, accommodations, and lodging! The "Aikens Experience" has always been about the family atmosphere with the best staff in Canada, and now we are improving the quality of the rest of the experience! We have accomplished much in 2006. The PWT Shooutout was a huge success, and it opened the eyes of North America to our wonderful lake and lodge. Having the best of the best walleye hunters in North America was an eye-opening experience that our guides will take with them into future seasons. They taught us alot of things about our lake that we didn't know! The PWT Shootout was also the first "measure and release" tournament in North America! It is likely going to be the benchmark for a whole new set of ideals on the tournament scene in the future! The end of the PWT Shootout also marked the end of our season here at Aikens! The leaves are now mostly yellow and orange, and most are already off of the trees. The temps are in the 40's and 50's... and we are on the brink of getting the first snowfall of the season! We've been hard at work in the last week, and we are now close to shutting down camp for the winter. We took advantage of the low water to pour some concrete blocks that will solidify our dock and set the framework for a complete rebuild. All of the Lunds are out of the water and we are starting to board up the windows... winter is near! Our capital expansion, including the two new Sunset Chalets, was an incredible feat! For those of you that normally come in June, wait until you get off the plane next year... the cabins are magnificent and we didn't even start building until late June this year! The lodge and Big Molly's Bar are one of a kind and completely first class! We have started more projects that will continue into next season and we are very excited about the future of Aikens. All in all, it was a monumental season! Thanks to our guests, our staff, and our families for all of the support you gave us this summer! Julie and I are looking forward to the winter so we can rest, refocus, and start planning a great 2007! Thanks again to one and all! Pit and Julie ps - The newsletter, although updated less frequently during the winter, will still remain active so keep checking in to see what's new in the Aikens community!

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