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Ten Tips for Taking Better Fishing Photos

May. 08, 2014


You've been fishing and just landed a big, beautiful catch. Before the fish is released back into the water, what's the best way to photograph it to prove to your friends that you really caught such a prize? Here are ten tips:

1. Don't Wait Till You Catch the Fish
If you can, have your guide or someone from your group take shots of the fight, especially if the fish is a big one and a voracious fighter like a northern pike

2. Don't Wait Too Long
Snap pictures of the fish as soon as possible after you've landed it. As you may know, iridescence and lush colors fade soon after the fish is caught.

3. Take Close-ups
Though you'll take photos of the whole fish, zoom in on those features that make the fish beautiful or interesting. Aim at that fantastic dorsal fin or the excessively sharp teeth.

4. Make Sure You Look Good
Don’t worry about making the fish look good that you forget about yourself! If possible, try to wear colors that will contrast against the water like purple, red and yellow. Neutrals and blues will tend to get lost against the lake.

5. Look Natural
Mix up your pictures by taking some action shots instead of just posing with the fish. Holding the fish up and grinning into the camera is traditional, but hardly required.

6. Take in the Whole Scene
The photographer should be mindful not just of the angler and their catch, but the water, sky, trees, shrubs and flowers around them.

7. Use the Light
Use the natural light of the rising sun or the setting sun for some dramatic shots.

8. Vary the Shots
Try taking the shot at different angles or levels like from the top of a boulder

9. Use a Waterproof Camera
Make sure you get a waterproof camera to take with you on the boat

10. Have Fun
Photographing a catch should be part of the fun of the overall lake experience, so enjoy yourself.

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