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Surprise! Pit turns 30!

Dec. 03, 2007


Suprise!!Pit with a collage of him made by his cousin PaulThe party is in full swingBirthday Jello shots!! After weeks of planning, Julie with the help a few select team players, succeeded in completely surprising a usually very aware Pit. The boss with the hot sauce is turning 30 years old on Christmas Day.  Seeing as how his birthday falls right in the middle of the holidays, it had been years since there was a special party planned just for his benefit.   Well... On Saturday evening, 40+ people silently milled about downstairs as Pit opened the door arriving from his hockey game. Greeted by Julie and an unfamiliar odor (hors d'oeuvres in the kitchen), Pit did a quick double take before being trumpeted : SURPRISE! Food drink and laughter were on the menu Saturday night. I even did a shift as bartender. What a blast! Great job Julie, and watch out you might be next.... Congratulations Pit on another decade and happy birthday!

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