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Jan. 24, 2006


This year, Aikens has taken a different approach to its off-season marketing efforts. In the past, we had done up to 14 different sportshows every winter. However, this year we have focused more of our marketing efforts and dollars on our website, our internet presence, and charity giveaways. That being said, we are still lined up to do two sportshows in 2006. The first will be a new one for us, and its one that we've been wanting to attend for a long time... The Toronto Sportsmen's Show from March 14-19. With the help of our good friend Kris King, we will finally be able to make a big splash in this new and exciting venue. Kris was at Aikens this past summer filming his hit TV show "Full Contact Fishing". His guest host for the show was none other than Mike Gartner. You can check out past news items for details of their successes at Aikens Lake! We will also be in attendance at the largest show in the Mid-West, and one that we've been a part of since our beginnings in 1989... the "Northwest Sportshow" in Minneapolis from March 28 - April 2. This show brings together everyone in the industry, from lodges to outfitters to boat/motor manufacturers and media personalities. Come out and see us at either of these shows!

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