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Jun. 11, 2011


Official Aikens Lake Facebook Page  Aikens Lake’s Youtube channel Tag name: aikenslake I know that there are many faithful followers of our online newsletter, and we think that is very cool!  When the server was down last week we got more than a few emails which is wonderful because it means people are checking it out often.  Well, we wanted to re-introduce some other ways to get info on the lodge on top of checking in on this page.  You can also stay up to date by checking us out on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube!

For news articles: You are in the right place!  We have been posting updates for 8 years, and plan on continuing this great tradition!  We like to update this page twice/week in the summertime, and once a week over the winter.   Our faithful know that we sometimes don't meet that every time, but we do try!

For pictures: We post pictures of all our Master Anglers, as well as selected pictures from our wonderful guests on Facebook quite often.  All our guides are assigned cameras so we go have quite a library of photos there.  We also update our staff pictures and our different accommodations.  Lastly, we throw in little updates that aren't necessarily "newsletter", but are interesting.  Make sure you "Like" our Facebook page and you will have all the new pictures fed into your main wall every day!  Official Aikens Lake Facebook page

For video: If you want to see videos from around camp, some great fish being caught, and some funny moments from around camp, then check out the YouTube page.  We have asked our guides to use their cameras to capture more videos this year so we hope to add to the already dozens of videos.  Official Aikens Lake YouTube page Twitter: If you want to know everytime we update any of our 3 main sites, then follow us on Twitter.  It updates everytime we update any of our facebook, youtube, and newsletter pages.  Tag name: aikenslake Lastly, you will start notice some fresh updates throughout the rest of our website over the course of the summer and fall.  We have contracted good friends and guests Phil and Yann @ Beaubois Ventures ( to do some work on the site and allow us to give a fresh update to existing pages, and to create new pages altogether.  We look forward to rolling new things out slowly as we get used to our new system.

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