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Second Annual Maynard Trip Closes GGO with a bang!

Sep. 18, 2009


Léo Maynard flaunts his money fish

With our season winding down, our last few groups of the season are enjoying their time at the lake.  Summer-like weather (finally!) provided our anglers with September fishing at its best. People in boats with shorts and t-shirts soaking up the last rays of our short lived warm season. Better late than never, right? For the last couple seasons our final  group at the Gray Owl has been the Maynards.  This lively bunch hails (for the most part) from St.-Malo, Manitoba. Loud, proud and very happy to be at the lake, the boys held a high stakes tournament during their three day stay. Colorful team names (which will be omitted due to our PG-13 criteria) pitted teams against each other in search of large walleye and pike. Maynard clanThe lures and baits were chucked, the wigs were worn, the nicknames fired out at will. Chirping was heard from South Shore to Slammers, no birds to be seen however. Friendly jabs exchanged in an attempt to rattle the captains and first mates of the next boat over.  Competition was tight, until the final evening their trophy was handed out. Here are the teams' final standings: 1st place: "The Dirty Hooks" 2nd place: "The Spooners" & "Hoe Backs" 4th place: Well, you know who you are. 5th place: "The Dutch Rudders" (If you don't know, don't ask)
The trophy was given to the "Dirty Hooks" yet, not to be outdone, "The Spooners' " Léo Maynard, boated a massive 41" Northern Pike (seen above) on Pit's Point. Congrats on the victory and the bragging rights!Jeremie with a great catch! To celebrate, Pit & Julie accompanied by Pat, David, Marcel and Jesse went over to GGO on the last evening to chew the fat and spin some yarn. Many laughs and some questionable humor was shared around a beautiful starlit campfire evening. Thanks guys for sharing the Aikens Experience, best of luck during this fall's deer season. We're very pleased to have expanded the Aikens Family by adding such fine characters as yourselves.

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