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Scot Woolley has interesting day!

Aug. 12, 2006


Miner 060s.jpgMiner 062s.jpg Mid-August is typically a time when the big walleyes are easily found on deep structures and islands. You can ask Scot Woolley, who's caught 6 trophy walleye in the past 5 years! Back on August 7th at South Shore reef, while Scot was jigging up more big walleyes into the boat, a huge pike decided to make an appearance! This huge 44.5" pike was reeled in on Scot's St-Croix rod, and finally made its way into the boat. However, before it left, it broke both the rod and Scot's ring finger! As Scot said "it's a small price to pay for such a great fish"! The story doesn't end there, however! Right after releasing the fish, Scot came into the office to get a splint and some tape to help protect his finger. As we were talking to him about his fish, we realized that we had forgotten to present him with the special "Aikens Lake Walleye Specialist" rod last season! He had caught his 5th and 6th trophy walleyes back in 2004, and so last year when we started with this promotion, we must have overlooked the fact that Scot was already a walleye specialist! To top it off, these rods are tournament edition St-Croix rods... similar to the rod that the big pike had broken! The timing couldn't have been any better than for Denis to present Scot (who had no idea we had these special giveaway rods!) with his own St-Croix walleye specialist rod that night at supper. Congrats Scot! Nice pike, nice St-Croix! Hope that hand heals up properly so you can tackle more big fish next year!

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