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Rob's fishing report (including the record breaking fish!)

Sep. 02, 2003


Here is a report from ex-guide Rob Jounot, who was up at the lodge this past weekend to lend a helping hand (ed. note... dinkers = small walleye, horses and pigs = huge walleye) "Didn't get to fish as much as I woulda liked, but overall was very good. Friday we fished all day. Lots of dinkers at Bear, South Shore, South Gull, and South arm. 2 Trophies at south arm within 15 miunutes around 5:15 PM. Mine was 28.5 and older looking. Was still healthy though, unlike some other south arm fish, and had a very nice girth. Meg's was very young and a little over 28. Fought like a trout and headed straight for 45 feet of water. I though she had a trout. Her luck is unbelievable...48" pike last year, record breaker trophy this year...gotta love it! Got up early on Saturday and caught dozens of dinks at bear, marked huge. Fishing in 32-40 feet all the time. Headed to Middle gull and marked nothing but horses and pigs. It was like a freakin farmyard there. Caught nothing but slots between 26-27". One was 28. That lasted only about 30mins (caught maybe 6 in total) but was great, and then dinkerville moved in. Saddle held nothing, much like the previous day (Chris' corner either). On Sunday I hit the saddle (after another dinkfest at bear) and marked plenty of small fish. Must've caught about 50 walleye (no joke) in an hour. Only one slot though. Was still fun...90% of the time your jig wouldn't make the bottom, and the walleye were crazy aggressive. Looked for trout in the afternoon but didn't mark one. I shut off the engine at Chris' corner and just drifted aimlessly with our jigs about 20 feet off bottom. Caught 2 slots. Still marked nothing. Went to south gull and caught 1 there (25") doing the same way. Interesting technique. At night, Brownie, Dev and I headed to the saddle. Caught about 4 slots, quite a few dinks, and AB got one huge pike that fought like mad. It was just barely 41" but must've had 3 walleye in its belly. Brownie could barely hold it up...will have some very nice pictures...right at sunset too. So that was the extent of the fishing. Sorry but no pix yet...gotta get a digicam! Weather was nice, water is extremely low and still warm, pike are slowly moving into the back bays, walleye were caught in 21 feet on Monday afternoon so the water must slowly be turning, and the nights are cool. Saw the best northern lights ever on Sunday night was almost freaky. Oh yeah, and the lodge is out of JackDaniels."

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