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Pat's Play gets rave reviews

Nov. 26, 2008


The Aikens Sales Manager nails role in Driving Miss Daisy Many of you know Pat simply as "M. Concombre", after his many seasons on a french children's television show.  His acting career continues, as this fall he has starred in the "Le Cercle Molière's" rendition of Driving Miss Daisy.  The local french theatre group, of which Pat has been a part of as an actor/technician/sound/etc since his tweens, is the longest running theatre group in Canada (since 1925).  In their second of four productions for the winter 2008/09 season, they retell the tale of Driving Miss Daisy.  The Winnipeg Free Press's Bryan Rivers gave the play 4 out of 5 stars, which is a fantastic rating by this knowledgeable and honest critic.  Here are a few excerpts from Bryan's review (courtesy of the Winnipeg Free Press): "The latest offering of the Cercle Molière, En Conduisant Miss Daisy, which opened Friday night (Nov 14th), is an engaging and heart-warming translation of Alfred Uhry's Pulitzer winning play, Driving Miss Daisy. The play is challenging because it requires actors to age over a 20-year span.  It also requires a montage of different scenes as Miss Daisy is driven from one location to another.  Makeup and costuming captured the passage of years effectively. Patrick Trudel was convincing as Daisy's son, Boolie.  The trademark cigar of the businessman, the body language of the tired son, frustrated husband and cautious employer created a compelling character.  There is a genial conspirational aspect to his relationship with Hoke as they work together to take care of Daisy without her realizing the full extent of their co-operation. This is a production that is comic, compelling in the authenticity of the relationships and a celebration of the capacity of the human spirit to transcend age, race, colour, and the passage of time." Congratulations Pat!  Another successful venture for our tireless friend.  After a busy season at the lodge where you started to take on the larger role that Aikens has in store for you, you started rehearsing immediately upon your return and I am sure that you can't wait to kick those feet up on Dec 6th!  You certainly deserve the rest!

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