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Past owner Gerry Lavergne passes away

Jan. 10, 2010


We would like to pass on some sad news to the Aikens community today.  Past Aikens Lake owner Gerry Lavergne passed away on December 13, 2009 at the age of 80.

Gerry at shorelunch  Gerry (left) with a group of happy fishermen  Gerry enjoying his retirement

Gerry was born in Saint-Pierre Jolys, MB. He attended Saint-Boniface College and earned his Bachelor of Arts. An avid sportsman, he excelled at hockey and played with numerous teams and leagues, and for a time played professionally (including a stint with the Detroit Red Wings). Gerry was a loving, good family man with an outgoing personality. He had the spirit of an entrepreneur and formed his own company, Triple L Construction. Later he ventured in the fly-in fishing business known as Aikens Lake Lodge. In his retirement, Gerry greatly enjoyed golfing with his best friend, Peewee.

The family sitting on the Master Angler’s Row porch  Dockbite pike!  Dinner in the main lodge

With our focus pointed towards the Aikens era, Gerry loved every minute of his 15 years at Aikens Lake.  In 1974, Gerry Lavergne and his partner Antoine Frechette bought Aikens Lake Lodge. The partnership dissolved in 1980 and Gerry continued with the help of his family. Gerry’s construction background came in very handy while at the lodge.  One of the most popular meeting places at Aikens is directly attributed to his handy-work...  The Big Molly’s Bar addition to the main lodge!  This unique room was built in the mid-80’s and is home to countless hours of late evening story-telling and merriment every season!  Gerry also constructed his own residence, the Orion cabin.  This served as the main office and the heart of camp until 2007.  Today, it is where Pat and Janelle call home every summer.  Gerry’s handiwork can also be found in many other locations throughout camp, including the Caillebo.  Caillebo was originally built as the central shower for the original Wilderness Trail cabins, and the back half was also the main laundry facility.  While we don’t need it as a shower and laundry anymore, the building is still in full use for storage.  He also built up many of the shorelunch sites we have today.  While many of the BBQ pits are now redone with masonry work, there are still a few spots where you can have shorelunch using the original cinder block BBQ pits.

 Shorelunch!  Gerry and Chris on the ice  Evening cruise on Aikens

One very important legacy that Gerry passed on was his knowledge of Aikens Lake and its incredible fishing.  His son Chris was still young when the Turenne/Lavack partnership began in 1989.  However, when Chris finished high school he came on board and worked his way up to become our head guide from 1996 to1998.   Chris still comes up every now and then as a contract guide and helps us out when the camp is busy, thus ensuring new generations of guides and guests enjoy the bounties of Aikens through Gerry’s teachings.  His nephew Denis also got to bring some of that knowledge to Aikens.  Denis was the Aikens Lake bear outfitter, GGO manager, guide, and jack-of-all-trades until 2008.  The entire Aikens community would like to commemorate Gerry Lavergne for his incredible contributions.  Aikens is a place we all hold close to our heart, and we know that Gerry always held a very special place for Aikens in his heart as well.  Thanks, Gerry.

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