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New trampoline gets unveiled

Jun. 19, 2007


June 496s.jpg This is sort of a quirky news item, but it is of special note to the families that will be coming up to Aikens this summer! We have purchased a trampoline for Annika and eventually Martin, and set it up a few weeks back. This week, there is a three-generational family here with 5 children under 12 years old. They have been having a blast on the new trampoline. In fact, they are having so much fun that they stayed back in camp all day today to play on the trampoline! As the new office continues to get closer and closer to completion, we will start adding more outdoor activities for children. We are planning on building a play structure, a sandbox, and have more toys for the kids to enjoy the outdoors! We are truly a family-owned and family-operated lodge!

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