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New staff in place for 2007!

Apr. 17, 2007


The snow is all melted and we are looking forward to a fantastic season at Aikens once again! The reason I haven't been able to update the site lately is simple... we are so busy getting ready! I did want to take a bit of time to let you guys know that we have completed our hiring and we are very excited about our hirings! Here is a brief introduction to our staff for 2007! I know that the new staff is going to gel quickly and our guests are in for a treat once again because we pride ourselves on hiring a hard-working and super friendly staff and we hit it out of the park this year!

Returning Staff:

Chef – Jimmy

Housekeeping/serving – Aislinn, Janelle

Guides – Pat, Turbo, Trevor, Points

B&T – Julien

GGO – Denis

Tradesmen – Grant, George, Charlie, Andre, Pierre, Chuck, and the many others that help us out!

New Staff (starting from the kitchen and working our way to the dock):

Elise Blouin (Assistant Cook) – Elise’s family has operated a bakery in St-Lazare since she was a small girl! She is very excited to step into the kitchen with Jimmy! I am sure that her work in the kitchen is going to win you guys over quickly!

Michelle Chartier (Housekeeping/serving) – Michelle is going to be entering the education program in order to become a teacher. Also from St-Lazare, she has a very bubbly personality and will fit in very well at Aikens.

Aisha Diallo (Housekeeping/serving) – Many of our staff already knows Aisha and her equally bubbly personality! She just returned from a trip to Thailand with Janelle and is very excited to be coming up to Aikens this summer! We are very excited to have her on board.

Eric Toupin (dockhand) – Points’s little brother came to help us out last September and loved the place. He’s finishing up high school this year and will come to Aikens in mid-June to dockhand and train to eventually hit the guide ranks.

Marcel Bédard (guide) – He loves to fish and volunteered with one of our carpenters Chuck during the Festival this past February. A St-Pierre boy, he’s a great worker and is sure to impress the guests with his charm.

Tyler Jones (guide)– A classmate of Trevor’s that we met in Toronto. He’s fished in bass tournaments since the age of 8 and is sure to learn our lake in a hurry!

Bruno Maynard (guide)– Our electrician Pierre's son, he got a taste of Aikens last year during a trip last August. An avid fisherman, he’s eager to get in the game and is very stoked about coming to Aikens! Turbo’s been psyching him up in their class at the UofM and he’s ready to take on Aikens!

Paul Devigne (guide)– Recommended to us by Points and Fontaine, he absolutely loves fishing. Also not afraid to get his hands dirty, he’ll be a great fit at Aikens. He’s also a musician (you knew we would find at least one more guitar player this year!).

Adam Cormier (Construction): Jimmy’s buddy from way back, he’s been in the construction biz for over three years and sees that as his future. He’s excited about spending some time in good old Mother Nature!

As always, you can expect to also see Pit & Julie with Annika (3) and Martin (born on Dec 29). Gerry will also be spending about 75% of his summer up at the lodge! We all look forward to seeing everyone at Aikens again this summer! Stay tuned for increased updates as we get into spring and summer!

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