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New office unveiled!

Jun. 30, 2007


Julie, Pit, Annika, and Martin in the new office It has been a work-in-progress since the beginning of May, and we are finally there! The official move-in date was on June 25th, but we have been tweaking and moving in for the better part of 5 days. There sure were a lot of things in the old office! However, we are now fully functional inside of the new office, and other than blinds I think we are all setup upstairs as well! Annika absolutely loves her "nouvelle maison" and her new bed. It's a bunk bed, so she's already been building forts and is having all kinds of fun upstairs in her large play area. Martin now has his own room, and although he won't remember living in the Orion "living room" very much, he is much more comfortable in his new environment. Kody is also alot happier... he has a doggy door and can get inside our screened-in porch anytime to get away from the bugs! June 567s.jpgJune 551s.jpg In the largest understatement of the year, Julie and I are super happy to be in our new place. The old one was so cramped and it got dirty instantly! In the new office, we each have a ton of room for all of our computer stuff, our printers, and all the paper and supplies that didn't fit in the old office! Julie also has a replica of the trophy pike she landed last year on the wall above her desk.  It's the same one that graces the cover of the 2007 Master Angler's Guide and several Travel MB ads. Another great feature of the new office is that we also have our own dedicated satellite line so that our phone calls will be much more reliable and clear than before (when everyone shares the broadband, bad connections are a part of life!). The new store is also a wonderful place. Although we haven't finalized the displays, the new setup allows for people to see the wide array of souvenirs available. In the past, all they could see was the small display in Big Molly's Bar... now we have an actual storefront! Last but not least, the upstairs is a dream come true. We have a large spacious master bedroom. Even though we have the same bed as before, Grant built us a beautiful "Sunset" headboard and footboard and now our bed seems so much bigger! The high ceiling allows for a great closet that stores all of Julie's clothes... not an easy feat! We also have an ensuite and the kids have their own washroom and tub on the other side. The main room is huge and the kids can spread out as much as they like! There are only a few minor things to finish up... the exterior is about 60% done and we want to build a fenced-in area for the kids with a play structure, sandbox, etc; but for all intents and purposes we are very happy and cozy in our new summer home!  When you come up to Aikens, make sure to ask for the tour of the new place!

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