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New-look website unveiled

Aug. 25, 2011


Our awesome 2011 team! If you are reading this post, you have surely noticed our website's new look and feel. We hope you like it as much as we do! The wood panels give the site a very "lodgy" feel.  We our brand new brochure available for download.  This new brochure has all of our many upgrades and renovations included in it, and our latest information.  One of the most exciting parts of this new site is that we have also updated all the new staff bios, and all of the pictures of our fantastic 2011 staff are on there as well (note we also posted them last week on our Facebook page).  We are very excited to have these updates included on the site - and there are more on the way! This is just the first of many upgrades to the site.  In this initial round, we updated the look of the site and added those couple of features described above.  Over the course of the fall, we will be updating the content with new pictures, expanded descriptions, and more pages.  Keep an eye out for all these great updates!

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