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Moose runs through camp

Jun. 16, 2007


June 272s.jpgJune 273s.jpg For years and years, we had a cow Moose that would use the peninsula as a safe haven in the spring. We would often see her and her calf eating in Frosty's Cove (the last bay on the right before leaving the back bay). It was always a safe place for her to protect her calf as she was covered by water on three sides and our camp on the other. Unfortunately we had not seen her in about 6 years, and no other mama moose had found that little Eden... until this year! We've often seen a young cow (3-4 years old) and her calf in Frosty's Cove. Today, I guess she got scared (or brave), and wandered into camp! Janelle was going for a jog down our jogging path but before she even got there, she saw this moose standing in our volleyball court! Not soon after, our dog Kody picked up the scent and drove her all the way through camp, around buildings, and eventually down the beach! We did not see the calf, but Denis figures that the mother was luring Kody away from her young one, and that they have probably re-united now and are back in Frosty's Cove. It's probably safe to assume that this will be the last time she ventures this way!

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