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Look Who's Back!

Jan. 25, 2016


We’re excited to welcome Janelle Trudel back to full-time at Aikens Lake! Last week she resumed her post at work after a one year maternity leave for the birth of her and Patrick’s second son, Arthur.

“It was probably the most challenging year of my life, but also the most rewarding,” Janelle said, adding how supportive the entire Aikens team has been. “Spending that time with Arthur, and Oscar (now 3), was so special.”

Arthur, who turned one on Jan. 17, was able to spend the first year of his life at his wonderful mother’s side.

Most of the challenge, not surprisingly, came from the fact that Janelle’s boys have a fair amount of their father in them.

“They can be a little mischievous because they’re into EVERYTHING, so that’s very much like Patrick,” Janelle said affectionately. “I was an angel as a little girl. When Patricks’ mom sees the boys getting into trouble she says, ‘Oh, that’s payback.’”

Just the other day, in fact, Oscar flooded the Trudels' basement. “Oscar was playing by himself in the basement for a little while and decided to put a roll of toilet paper in the sink and turn the faucet on,” Janelle said. “He had stuffed little pieces of paper in the overflow valve as well. He was just watching the water flow over and spill onto the ground.”

When Patrick went down to check on Oscar, he could feel the wet floor and went into the bathroom to discover the damage. Oscar then said, “Yeah, it looks like the toilet paper is broken.”

The incident called to mind an infamous story from Patrick’s childhood, when he pulled the fire alarm at Winnipeg’s big cathedral. A host of fire trucks and first-responders raced to the church with sirens blaring.

“Patrick was so clever though, he didn’t actually pull the alarm himself,” Janelle recalled. “He convinced his little brother to do it so that he wouldn’t get in trouble.”

Fortunately the boys haven’t required any sirens yet, and the cute duo are the undeniable center of the Trudels’ life.

“Patrick is such a great dad,” Janelle said. “He’s really hands on, and he always has been since day one. He loves them to pieces.”

Naturally, it’s been a bit of an adjustment for big brother, Oscar, who was used to always being the center of attention. The boys get along well together, though, and Arthur’s favorite habit is following around Oscar.

A real bonus during the past year of maternity leave was all the quality time with Janelle and Patrick’s respective families, who both live in Winnipeg. Grandma and grandpa are quite popular with the boys, and love spending time with them.

Janelle is now eagerly anticipating the boys spending time with guests at Aikens this coming summer, and benefitting from that exposure.

“It makes them more social because they’re meeting all these new people all the time,” Janelle said. “Some of the girls on staff love babysitting which is great so Patrick and I can go out fishing and have some alone time.”

Oscar loves the beach at Aikens, riding on the quads, and “helping” his dad with whatever project Patrick is working on––in fact, the little guy can’t wait to get back up to Aikens.

“Oscar used to ask a couple times a week when we could go to Aikens. Now he understands that we have to wait for the snow to melt and spring to come,” Janelle said.

It’s certainly a unique playground for the boys.


“Having my sons grow up in this beautiful setting is truly a gift I will not take for granted,” Patrick said. “I couldn’t be happier.”

Janelle is excited to get back to full-time at Aikens, but not nearly as excited as the rest of the Aikens crew is to have her back.

“We love, Janelle,” Julie said. “She’s a terrific mother and it’s been wonderful to watch her with Oscar and now Arthur. We’re so happy for her, and we’re also thrilled to have her back.”

Please join us in welcoming back Janelle!

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