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Lil' Lucky Blue Gets The Job Done!

May. 29, 2008


 Lil' Lucky Blue

We all have a "go-to" lure. This story is no different... Dave and Kitty Chism have been coming to Aikens for three years running. Last year Dave boated the fish he had been searching for many years. His trophy pike, caught on the jig in the Honey Hole was an experience he'd never forget. That being said, arriving at Aikens this spring in the company of his wife, Kitty, and their long time friends Walt & Chip Bumb, Dave had one thing in mind: casting the bays for big pike till his arms fell off. Kitty, however, was more interested in relaxing with a good book at the lodge after shorelunch. Except for day three of their trip; she wanted to try this casting business. Rewind three years. Dave and Kitty are trolling the Back Bay with their guide. Her lure, a blue Original Floater Rapala #7, out fished Dave's Wally Diver 12 to 1. Hence the name "Lil' Lucky Blue". They stealthily glide into Secret Bay. They kill the engine and drop in the trolling motor. Dave immediately starts probing the weed beds with his Weedless Johnson Silver Minnow. He lands a half dozen pike while Kitty, who's never casted before, receives a crash course of casting 101 from her guide. At first Lil' Blue isn't getting quite the distance she'd like, so she doubles her effort and the little lure that could takes flight. Twenty five casts later, and in the back end of the bay, it looked like Lil' Blue was headed for the tackle box, then... Kitty's first fish of the afternoon hit with a vengeance. The drag screamed like old brake pads. Kitty braced herself as she wrangled over twenty pounds of ornery Pike. Six runs and few minutes later, Ol' Snaggletooth glided into the net.

Kitty and her 43

Straining as she held the monster for the picture Kitty was all smiles, Lil' Blue however humbly asked for no applause, because he always gets the job done.

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