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Life’s a Beach

Aug. 22, 2018


A typical warm-weather destination, lounge-at-the-beach vacation is, in many ways, the polar opposite of a remote Canadian fly-in fishing adventure. Two great getaway options; two distinctly different activities. At Aikens, however, we’re able to offer the best of both worlds and provide guests with a first-rate beach experience complete with pristine sand-white beaches.

While you wouldn’t normally expect to have the option of an afternoon at the beach while in the Canadian Northwoods, it’s perhaps not too shocking when you consider that Aikens has earned national acclaim as one of North America’s top five fishing destinations precisely for its unique ability to provide guests with more than “just” world-class fishing.

Think about it. Aikens offers a fully-stocked bar with fine wine, top-shelf liquor and daily happy hour and nightly entertainment in the midst of a boreal forest. It boasts an elite head chef and sous chef to labor over gourmet meals delivered by an attentive waitstaff at a remote fly-in location. It offers beautifully hand-crafted wood cabins and luxurious accommodations that guest call “a Ritz Carlton in the wilderness.” So why wouldn’t Aikens also complement its bread-and-butter attraction – excellent yet comfortable fishing as part of a luxury wilderness experience – with another unique appeal: gorgeous sand beaches for fun in the sun?

There’s the primary beach conveniently located at the main lodge, plus several “secret” beaches guests can discover along our short Wilderness Trail.

At our Great Grey Owl (GGO) mini-lodge, there is also a private beach that GGO guests can enjoy exclusive use of throughout their visit.

“The Aikens Experience is about making your time off the water as enjoyable as your time on the water,” said Pit. “At Aikens, that ‘time off the water’ often includes time in the water. A lot of our guests love swimming and hanging out at the beach, and our staff has a blast with it too. Who doesn’t like the beach on a nice summer day?”

Pit and his family enjoy any chance they get to spend at the beach. One of Pit’s favorite beach moments came wrestling with former Winnipeg Jets star and NHL Senior VP of Hockey Operations Kris King. Who won the water wrestling match? It all depends on who you ask.

Families such as the Morabitos, of Vancouver, often enjoy simply relaxing on the sand. Repeat guest Mark brought his wife, Susan, and their children, Jolene (14) and Veronica (13) for their first Aikens experience. Everyday after their morning of fishing and a delicious shorelunch, the girls enjoyed an afternoon at the beach.

“We’ve never been to the total wilderness. It was cool to be in the middle of nowhere,” said Jolene. “It’s very peaceful, and it’s so beautiful on the beach. It’s a special place to spend time.”

For her part, Julie loves pulling out all the stops to make that beach time extra special for people. One of her favorite things to do is prepare candle-lit dinners on the beach for couples celebrating a special occasion such as a honeymoon or anniversary.

Julie has also created scavenger hunts and youth games on the beach before, while sand volleyball (for kids of all ages) is always an option as well.

Of course, after the sun sets, a beachside bonfire under the stars is hard to beat. 

“There are many different activities to do at Aikens during our free time such as kayaking, canoeing, hanging out at the beach with great people,” said Aikens staff member Chantal Carriere-Khan. “Can it get any better than that?”

Many guests go for a dip in the lake after catching a trophy fish – a uniquely refreshing way to celebrate a big catch.

Typically July and August are our best beach months, but this year unusually warm weather made a late May mid-happy hour dip a reality.

If you really want to take your water fun to the extreme, ask us about our cliff jumping!

While you’re at it, check out this video the Vaga brothers produced about their time at Aikens, which included some epic cliff jumping. As far as we’re concerned, the more ways you can have fun in the sun, the better!

It’s all part of the Aikens Experience.

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