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Julie's a star - so's Scott Leppa!

Dec. 14, 2006


If you were reading the newsletter back in August, you will surely remember the article about Julie catching her "holy grail", a trophy pike. Well, things have certainly steamrolled since that time! We submitted Julie's picture to Travel Manitoba, along with about 15 more pictures from this year, for consideration for the cover of the 2007 Fishing and Hunting Guide. This is the publication that lists all of the Master Anglers every year! Julie's picture was selected out of hundreds to be on the cover. The Fishing and Hunting guide will be out soon (you can request your own at, but Travel Manitoba decided that they just had to use this picture in more places... and who can blame them! Julie and her big pike are now full page ads in the latest In-Fisherman and North American Fisherman magazines! Despite what the cellphone says on the ad ("First time fishing and I catch a trophy... Unbelievable!), it was not Julie's first time fishing... but it sure was one heck of a trophy! August 033s.jpgTravel Manitoba full page ad smaller.jpg Original, with logos ----------------- vs. ----------------- Travel Manitoba's ad Travel Manitoba also used one of our submissions for the cover of their "Free Standing Insert (FSI)" which will be distributed by direct mail and in major newspapers across the US (Mpls, Denver, Salt Lake, etc). In all, they figure to distribute about 350,000 of these inserts. Featured on the cover is one of our clients, Scott Leppa! Congratulations Scott! Cox 029s.jpgFSI cover shot.jpg

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