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Jack Detrow nets rare "TRIPLE CROWN"

Jul. 02, 2004


Mr. Jack Detrow from Ashland, Ohio, member of a very well travelled fly-in fishing party, accomplished a rare and memorable angling feat by catching a Master Angler Trophy in each of the "Big Three" species of Aikens Lake, reinforcing its reputation of being one if not "the finest multi-species" fisheries in Canada. Jack started things off with a 45" Northern Pike, followed by a 29" Walleye, both caught and released on June 30 and a 37" Lake Trout caught and released on July 1st. Another unique aspect of this feat is that both the Trout and the Walleye were caught in the same new spot... which has yet to even be named! Maybe we should call that new spot "Det-Row". Keep your thumb on the, Jack! Thanks for the memories.

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