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Introducing Kik's Corner!

Jun. 24, 2008



Cris Welch and her trophy WalleyeStuart Burns celebrates his big Laker! Imagine a spot where huge Lake Trout, big Walleyes and Trophy whitefish abound. Sounds a lot like Chris' Corner doesn't it? Well it's our pleasure to inform you, our readers, that the guides have yet another destination to bring their guests looking for big fish. Welcome to Kik's Corner! Traditionally, trolling the Point (Split rock to Beacon rock) has been one of our go-to patterns. Typically trolled with shallow tackle, this technique has furnished many entries in the Master Angler trophy log. This bite usually tapers off in mid-June. But where do these fish go? Let's set the stage... A week's worth of heavy West winds coaxed many boats into the Flats and the Honey Hole. The Back Bay having reached approximately 70 degrees urged the shallow Walleyes to begin their migration into the main lake. Spring transition has begun. At this time of year, the walleyes are scattered and aren't holding on their summer structures yet (ex. The Saddle). That being said, our intrepid guides started thinking outside the box. Dan Murray holds a massive Lake Trout Do you remeber this guy? Bolz and his trophy Trout!The originator of the bite stumbled onto dozens of slot Walleyes and Lakers by trolling mid-range diving shad raps in the deeper waters off Beacon Rock. Mitch came back to camp and shared the details of his good fishing. Kik then hopped on the trolling train and mentioned it to Griffin. Griffin took another approach and started jigging large schools of fishing in 40+ feet of water. Pretty soon, almost the whole guide team was reaping the rewards of the depths on the South side of Beacon/Split rock. So far a dozen trophy Walleyes, 3 trophy Lake Trout and 3 Whitefish have been logged. Not bad for a week's work! Dylan and a Master Angler WalleyeThe naming of this spot has become a daunting task. None of the guides wished to hog all the glory given the fact that so many people had a part in developing this trophy producing location. Names flew around : Leclaire's Lane (Mitch), Crime Dog's Cove (Griff).... We finally settled on Kik's Corner. Ironically Kik is short for Christian, a name that is already assigned it own corner of the lake (Chris').

George and his first WhitefishDennis Johnson poses with his trophy WhitefishGeorge and his second Whitefish

The area is large and can easily accommodate many boats. And the short drive to the point makes your time line from dock to trophy that much shorter. Watching school after school of bait fish roll by on the depth finder, it's no surprise the large trophy fish are hanging around! It will be interesting to see how long this bite will last since the hot sun will warm the lake in the next few weeks. Yet another chapter is written in the Aikens Guide Handbook and we further our strangle-hold on those monster fish!

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