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Ice-Fishing Colorado Style!

Feb. 01, 2008


Well humble readers it's been a while since my last post so here's what been going on in the Aikens world. Last Tuesday (22nd) , I arrived in Denver and was greeted by a new extended Aikens Family member: Mr. Steve Meyer. Snow-capped mountainsOn the way up!Steve picked me up and we drove two hours West and almost straight upwards (to a prairie-walker like myself)! The view in the Rockies was stunning and with Steve as my guide filling me in on all sorts of local trivia I was feeling more and more at ease with the impressive altitude. The premise of this trip was of course Aikens' presence at the Denver Sportsman's exposition. Leaving Winnipeg two days earlier permitted me to accompany Steve for a day-trip to ice-fish a mountain-top lake called Lake Granby. Upon arrival to Steve's gorgeous mountain home, we settled in and then drove out to the local brewery to sample some of their fine products. Done!HalfwayBeforeWell, a full sample tray later I was feeling the effects of elevation+ barley pops, so some BBQ was in order to set me straight. A full belly and thoughts of big lakers filling my head, I slept soundly wondering how the next day's fishing would pan out. 7:00am, wake up, shower, eat, gear up and hit the road. 8:00am, met our guide (Dale), seSteve with the Big One on.Steve working the Lakerst out on a fleet of sledsa caravan of snowmobiles on one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever seen (save Aikens of course). We punched a dozen holes at the first spot and started jigging. Being from Canada and guiding a 100 days a year, my confidence was pretty high. I was sure I'd show these guys how it was done.... Fish on! Not me though. Again, Fish on! Still goose-egg, what the %$#@$@! Repeat for two and half hours. Karma I guess. Now, being a guide I understand that the X-factor of fishing often determines who out fishes who. And doing all the right things can sometimes mean nothing at all. His guide senses tingling, Dale came over to me and offered the we go to a different spot and try for some rainbows. Sure, I needed something to break my funk. Move, drill, set-up. Come on baby, don't let me down... I could have swore I saw my rod tip twitch... Nah, must be the wind... Wait a minute... Oh yeah! Here we go!... BAM! Monster hook-set. That poor rainbow has got some sore lips now! AH! Sweet redemption. The smell of the skunk washed off of me with great relief. The rest of the day was a cake-walk now. Man am I ever good at this fishing stuff (wink). Thank you Steve for a great time and I can't wait to see who out fishes who next time. At Aikens or in the Rockies! -Patrick

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