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Hot Weather and the Countdown Quickens!

Apr. 03, 2012


Can't hardly wait! Can you?

Gathering supplies, parking the sportshow train, hiring the newest staff members, oiling the reels, booking the gaps in the schedule... The Aikens Machine is rolling at full steam! Oh yes, this is definitely April. No snow in Winnipeg, steady temps in the 50s to 70s, all signs point to an early spring and that bodes well for us. Warm springs bring a smooth and fruitful spawn on Aikens. Steady water temps will be established early, allowing the guides to immediately dial into their tried and true patterns. The lodge reserves our 2012 guests a few surprises. But to hear about them, you'll have to stay in touch with our newsletter as we'll be posting here and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts at a more frequent pace as the season progresses. As for those of you that haven't finalized your 2012 fishing season plans, give us a call (1800-565-2595) and let us help you craft a vacation you're surely going to enjoy!

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