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He's ready to Kik-start a new role!

Nov. 24, 2010


Our Head Guide in 2011 Christian Kik Dupont

Kik and a Behemoth Lake Trout!Kik admiring a Secret Bay beauty!Since 2005, he's come a long way. Hired as a logger and general do-it-all labor, Christian "Kik" Dupont earned his stripes in spades through diligent hard work and incomparable ethics. His eagerness to impress and willingness to learn put him on the short list to become in 2006 one of our proud pro-staff guides. Kik is a quick study. He pushed himself to learn the ins and outs of the guiding craft. Mastering boat, line and fish in rapid succession he established himself as a staple team member on and off the water. His jovial and friendly attitude won over guests and staff alike. His unhindered ability to offer folks the unforgettable "Aikens Experience" is confirmed by the countless smiling anglers that land at the dock day after day. Fast-forward five seasons later, it's no surprise that such a stalwart ambassador of our prized lodge would be bestowed the Head Guide title. Kik has unique traits that make him a respected yet unassuming leader. A quiet confidence and a patient disposition put everyone that meet him at ease. He has picked up a huge bank of knowledge of Aikens Lake by scouting the reefs and Kik and Patrick swap trade secretsflats, casting and cranking the shallows and listening in on the Kik plays on as Mitch ties one upcues dropped by the "Old Dogs" and other guides alike.  As an added bonus, Kik has graced Big Molly's since 2005 with many impromptu concerts featuring his deft touch with the guitar. Presently, Kik is completing his guitar-making courses (known as luthiery) in Québec City. If his skills with the strings are any indicator, his instruments will be highly sought-after! Our Head Guide manages the water and guides to ensure a quality of expertise and stewardship that has become one of Aikens' most recognized strengths. Our ten guide team is proud to have him as their representative; he embodies the traits that make our staff the best in the business. Assuredly, many of the past guests who've had the pleasure of spending a day in Kik's boat will applaud his new title. We're excited to have you as the team leader as of 2011! Congratulations Kik, your well-deserved position is a true testament to your kind nature, professionalism and resolve.

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