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Hell or High Water, we get it done!

Jun. 30, 2009


A Massive 42.25

Torrential rains and high winds have besieged Aikens Lake for the last few days. The water has risen to within six inches of the top of our new dock, flights were delayed, trees have fallen over... But all is not lost. Despite these challenges, our anglers have shown their clout and resistance by boating a half dozen trophy fish in the last three days. The fishing is just as spectacular as in years past. Water temperatures fluctuating within the 60's mean that our spring patterns are here for an extended stay. The Back Bay, Honey Hole, The Falls, The Flats, Split Rock, Fast Waters, Lost Lake are all hitting...Hard!

Spinner rigging at the Point pays off!Fast Waters Beauty!Found in Lost LakeHot fishing in Frosty's

Tasty 'TatersGolden Berr-Battered Walleye, Ummmm! With forecast for hot weather rolling in, one can only assume that our summer structures will soon be visited by droves of large fish pods. June has been a month of hard fishing while braving the elements. Our guide crew has been exemplary in their ability to put our guests on the fish they seek. A hot shorelunch and a few laughs are the "ordre du jour" to keep folks warm and motivated for a day in the Lunds. Martin shows everyone how it's done.Trophy Walleye off the dockLet us not forget to mention that the Dockbite is still in full effect. Many an evening multiple anglers can be spotted relaxing with rods and cocktails in hand, only to be interrupted by scores of fish (big slots at that). Even young Annika and Martin have been joining in the fun, entertaining folks with their particular fishing style and flair. With our short break looming a few short days ahead, the staff are eager to see where the bite has travelled upon their return. Come on Saddle! Let July be your month!

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