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Helicopter Delivery!

May. 22, 2007


May at Aikens 319s.jpgMay at Aikens 328s.jpg This is an Aikens First... a helicopter delivered some materials to Aikens Lake today! We purchased some thick (6") insulated pipe in order to redo our hot water distribution. Instead of having hot water tanks at every cabin, we are going to bury a hot water line that will continually circulate hot water throughout camp! It will be powered by two main tanks (one at the lodge and one at the new laundry). This will mean endless hot water for showers, and alot less energy demands for our generator and our propane needs. The problem with the plan was that the two coils of pipe would be 8'x6' and weigh 700 lbs each! This could not fit in the planes, but Bluewater had a new suggestion... Provincial Helicopters! The people at Provincial were very happy and helpful with this job. In fact, the pilot who came in was very efficient, landing the large coil exactly on a trailer from 100 feet up! It was a really quick operation, as the helicopter flew in, lowered the coil, then released the clip on the rope and flew off! He was never closer to the ground than 100ft, and we never even saw what he looked like! It was a quick and efficient way to fly in bulky freight!

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