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Goundbreaking News re: Lost Lake!

Sep. 03, 2012


Pat puts away the tools after laying out the forms for the foundation pads. We are very pleased to inform you that a ten year process of planning and vision has now physically started taking shape. For a long time now, Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge has been hoping to build an eight person outpost cabin on the peninsula between Lost Lake and Aikens Lake. This brainchild was shelved by the province until the new Park Management Plan for Atikaki Provincial Park was complete.  The application also went through lots of different processes to ensure that the impact and stewardship of the building would do nothing but beautify the adjacent area. Pat gets “old-timey” winch prepped to yank another tree out of the ground!  Mars uses chains and muscle to move rocks out of the cleared area.  The path down to the future dock area. The approval process was completed mid-summer.  In the past few weeks, many of the guys worked tirelessly to clear the site for the start of the upcoming construction next spring. With winch, chain, shovels, picks and hoes they muscled over 30 trees out of the ground; stump, roots and all! True bull work. They also started prepping the area where the dock will be built to land the future guests at Lost Lake. Great job men! The foundation pads and dock cribs should be completed before the end of our season. At which point, the flurry of construction will begin early next Spring. The lush moss-covered peninsula is an ideal location for this outpost. It will boast a breath-taking view of Lost Lake and have access to a sheltered bay behind Gilligan's Island on Aikens Lake. The do-it-yourself format of the planned packages for its guests will offer a very different experience than those enjoyed here at the Main Lodge. When completed, the four bedroom (eight bed) cabin will feature a fully modern kitchen, two showers, two bathrooms, a large living/dining room, a wood-burning fireplace and a massive screened-in deck overlooking the lake. Steve and Mars pulling stumps out of the ground using only a few tools and lots of elbow grease!  Charlie strings up the measurements for the foundation pads.  What child labour laws?!?  Marty and Natasha lend a hand. Lost Lake is located on the West side of Aikens Lake. The mile and a half lake boasts some awesome Walleye fishing as the fish there are a deep golden color.  Some of our biggest walleyes ever (32.5" and 33" trophies) were caught in Lost Lake.  That isn't to discount the pike in that lake, as the spring bit in Lost for Pike is great... especially in the bay that has the feeder creek into Aikens.  There is lots of water and structure to discover as we start to further elaborate our high success techniques in new areas of the lake. This exciting and new venue for visitors to Lost Lake  is sure to get folks talking! Plans are to complete construction of Lost Lake in the summer of 2013, and then sell a limited number of spots (likely only two!) to those lucky first few guests in August and/or September 2013.  We will post more pictures on our site and FB page as we continue the work over on Lost Lake.

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