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Goldeyes Charity a huge success!

Jul. 19, 2004


  Winnipeg's double A baseball team has always been a fantastic supporter of local children's charities. Through their "Field of Dreams" foundation, the have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity. In an effort to help them raise even more money this year, we donated a three-day trip to Aikens Lake. The club raffled off tickets at $2 per, and the trip was for two people to join Paul Edmonds (the voice of the Goldeyes on CJOB) and Donnie Smith (ace reliever for the Goldeyes) on the trip to Aikens. All told, they were able to raise more than $5,000 for local children's charities. We'd like to thank all people who purchased a ticket. We hope Paul and Donnie have a great time at Aikens with their guests.

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