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GGO facelift looks brilliant

Jul. 31, 2011



GGO before the refinishGGo after the refinish

GGO before the refinishGGo after the refinishFor the past four seasons we've been putting a lot of sweat into renovating our prized Great Gray Owl Wilderness Camp. A new dock was constructed, completed with a new floating section which was welded and installed. A new deck was milled, built and finished. The roof was re-insulated and resealed. Radio communication was installed for direct contact to the lodge. A walk-in shower and an energy efficient ice machine were also added to increase our guests comfort and enjoyment. Recently, the guides (with Marcel and Patrick's help) have been hard at work at GGO during their time off the water. Tackling a big project, they set off on a big push to completely refinish the exterior of the cabin. The 4000 sq.ft. lodge has a whole lot of logs and boards for them to work on! Pressure-washing the grime off the logsAlex is busting the mold offFirst, they applied a dirt-busting solvent by brush, then they pressure-washed the logs and walls to lift the heavy grit and mold off the wood. Allthe while, equipped with a wire brush on a side grinder they attacked the heavier deposits in the corners. Then the boys applied a coat of bleach solution to really bring the logs back to their original white tone. They then removed all of the Oakum (used to seal gaps in between logs Gold vs. blackBringing the gables back to originaland in the saddles) and replaced it with foam rod. After that, the complete cabin (each log Chinked logsand crack in the wood) was sealed with a few hundred pounds of chinking (a tan caulking designed for sealing log structures). Finally, a golden stain and two coats of clear sealant really bring out the finish on this grandiose structure. We are very proud of this unique and impressive building. Our efforts to showcase it will surely translate into positive feedback from you, our distinguished guests.

 Another job well done guys!

 The Crown Jewel - GGO!

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