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Gerry gets welcomed to Aikens "for first time"

May. 06, 2006


sept 052.jpg Something happened today that had never happened since Gerry and Lorraine had originally purchased the lodge... Gerry was greeted by others as he stepped off a plane for a new season! In a humorous moment today, everyone lined up to shake Gerry's hand and help him down the ramp as he got off the plane and took his first steps at Aikens for the 2006 season.  Everyone made sure to go out of their way to welcome him.  The ironic reversal of roles had everyone chuckling.  It marked the first time in 18 years that Gerry was not with the first crew to come in to Aikens.  He had been away prior to May 1st, and was thus unable to join the crew in helping to open up the camp.  "Welcome home, Gerry!"

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