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First guide boat arrives

Jun. 07, 2005


The highly anticipated arrival of the first Lund Alaskan 1600 finally happened today! We were praying for a break in the weather to enable the safe transport of the new boats to Aikens, and after four days of rain our prayers were finally answered! Bluewater Aviation built a nifty little bracket to be able to keep the wide-hull of the Alaskan braced to the aircraft. Guests tell us that our guides Pat and Turbo, who were cooking shorelunch at the time, started jumping around and high-fiving when they saw the boat strapped to the plane that was flying overhead!!! They are just super excited to start guiding out of these luxury boats!!! We'll see which boat is the first to land a trophy in it and officially christen it as an approved Aikens Lake guide boat!

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