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Customize Your Aikens Experience

Jun. 02, 2016


We’re fortunate to have outstanding fishing, first-class accommodations and a remote yet easy-to-access location as the only lodge on a pristine lake. When all is said and done, though, it’s the Aikens Experience that truly sets us apart.

Did you know that Aikens guests today have more ability than ever before to customize every aspect of their trip? Of course we make a habit of flying in fine wine, special whiskeys or special snacks to provide people all their favorites while there here, but on top of that we actually start planning the special details of your trip well before you arrive. Toward that goal, Julie now sends out a pre-trip email to each group asking them for input on how we can personalize their Aikens Experience.

Are you celebrating a special occasion? Does someone in your group have a penchant for Doritos? Are there any food allergies, dietary requirements or special requests on where, when and what you’d like eat? (candle-lit dinners on the beach have been arranged) These are the types of questions included in the pre-trip email, and we’re asking because we truly want to know and start preparing to host you. 

“Sometimes people are afraid they’re being difficult if they have a special request, but they’re not. I live and breathe this so I like it when people have certain requests,” said Julie. “I pride myself on doing those extra little things.”

Fact is, special requests make our job even more satisfying because we know we’re providing you the personalized Aikens Experience––and we’re having fun right along with you.

“If it’s a special birthday for someone, of course we’re going to celebrate,” said Julie. “Or if it’s an anniversary trip, I’ll put rose petals on the bed and make chocolate-dipped strawberries and place a bottle of champagne in their room as a gift.”

We keep Aikens small, by design, to give us a chance to connect with guests and friends on a one-on-one basis. The pre-trip email is just one example of that. It also helps us extend the excitement surrounding your trip.

“The anticipation leading up to a trip can be half the fun,” said Pit. “Reaching out to our guests beforehand is practical in that it gives us a chance to arrange all of your favorite things, but on top of that it’s also a way to make the anticipation even more tangible.”

In other words, if you prefer adlibbing it and letting us know any special requests as your days unfold at Aikens that’s great, but if you’d have more fun by thinking about those special “extras” in advance of your trip, that’s great, too. And when you email us any special requests before you join us, it gives us direction and the welcomed chance to think even more about how we can maximize your experience.

“We’re able to plan anything if we know in advance,” said Julie. “My favorite part of this whole thing is doing something special for a guest and seeing their reaction.”

So, be on the lookout for your pre-trip email and think about how we can tailor design your Aikens Experience for the perfect trip. Let us know what you’d like, and we’ll take care of the rest.

See you soon!

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