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COVID-19 Update

Mar. 20, 2020


We would like to send a short update in regards to COVID-19 and our upcoming 2020 season. The conversations we’ve had with our faithful Aikens guests, staff and family in recent days have shown us the extent that our pristine getaway is a cherished retreat. As many of you will agree, we can think of no better place we’d rather be than Aikens Lake to help ramp down the buzzing narrative of the past weeks.  Aikens Lake provides a break for most from the every day grind and simply put, life is just simpler at Aikens Lake.

The safety of our guest and staff and their families is our highest priority.  Although we have been away from Aikens since September of last year, we have been putting plans in place and securing supplies to enhance our already comprehensive cleaning operations.  Below are a few of the measures we will be taking:

• We will increase the frequency of cleaning our public areas (including lodge lounging area, Big Molly’s, the Bait and Tackle as well as door handles, light switches and of course the bathrooms, etc.) with anti-bacterial supplies
• We have purchased Clorox bleach sprays as well as Clorox bleach wipes and Lysol sprays which will now replace the common cleaners used by housekeeping.
• We will be increasing the antibacterial hand sanitizer stations around the peninsula as well as at the outposts. Hand sanitizers will also be placed in the staff residences and guest accommodations.
• Guides will be asked to wash down their boats daily.
• We have purchased additional thermometers so we can monitor any fevers that present themselves in camp.
• Along with Bluewater Aviation, we have a protocol in place if a suspected case were to present itself at Aikens.

The world is in uncharted and uncertain times.  Every day there are changing developments surrounding travel restrictions and we continue to monitor the affects that will have on guest travel in the coming months.  Our goal has always been to provide our guests with unforgettable fly-in fishing vacations and we are remaining optimistic that we will be able to offer our world-class “Aikens Experience” as scheduled this upcoming season, but realize that the situation is changing by the day so are starting to think through alternate scenarios for the season if we are required to act accordingly. 

Currently, we are planning to proceed with our season as scheduled with the hope being that the next couple of months will be bring a safer travel climate and more stable outlook to the world.   Our opening day is still slated as May 22nd and barring any extended interruptions, we are hopeful to host our guests throughout the upcoming season. We’ll proceed with this target, with the implicit understanding that this is a fluid situation and might need further modifying.  As it stands today, we’ll keep our present bookings in place, and we’ll review how to proceed as the season approaches.  We want out guests to be reassured that their trips will not be lost if extreme travel and other restrictions are in place for a prolonged period of time.  Therefore, if any guest needs to reschedule their trip to later into our season, we’ll be glad to do so. To ensure we can accommodate our 2020 visitors, we’re prepared to extend our season later into the fall, as late as September 24th.  Obviously, our preference would be to have you visit in 2020 if at all possible, but if travel to Aikens Lake is not possible for 2020 your payment could then be credited for a future trip.  If this does not work for your group, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Regardless of the outcome of the current outbreak, we’d like to reaffirm to our guests that Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge will continue to provide its visitors with unmatched fly-in vacations today, tomorrow and for many years to come. Oft quoted, but bears repeating, this too shall pass. We’d like to recognize and reassure our guests that their continued support is immeasurably valuable to us. Aikens Lake is much more about the people that grace its shorelines than anything else. You are so very much a part of that. Thank you for being part of the Aikens Lake Family.

We’ll be issuing additional updates to you as more clarity shines through during these difficult times. We wish you all the best in health and safety; together we’ll get through this.

Kindest regards,


Pit, Julie, Pat, Janelle
And the Aikens Lake Team.

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