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Century Club Winner... Mr. Murray Bruce!

Nov. 10, 2011


Julie and Janelle with the winning ticket in our Century Club draw! In 2010, we introduced a new goal at Aikens Lake.  It is a very fun goal to chase, much like the Master Angler program from Travel Manitoba has been fun for us over the years.  The premise of our Century Club is to catch 4 walleyes in a guided day that total 100" (average 25" each).  This is an individual award and it has created a lot of excitement on the lake for the past few summers.  Those that achieve this prestigious designation can be proud of their great achievement. In 2010, we were in the infancy stage of this program so we only introduced the Century Club concept to our guests and guides without pushing too much.  The reaction to it was incredible though!  We received some excellent and positive feedback all season long... even from those anglers who would be stuck at 99" and hoping for that last lunker to show up!  This past summer, we decided to spice things up with our Century Club and put some larger stakes on it.  We decided to draw for a free trip for one lucky angler out of all those who managed the Century Club feat in 2011!  The trip would match the length of stay, accommodations, etc from this past summer's booking.  One person would have some really jealous friends! Preparing for the draw!  Zeke and Garry look on as Murray holds up one of his 4 big walleyes for the Century Club last year! Well, the draw happened this afternoon in Winnipeg.  After putting all of the names in an official blaze-orange hunting tuque (that's how they pick powerball, right?!?!) Julie and Janelle pulled one lucky name out of the hat.  The winner is Mr. Murray Bruce from Saskatchewan!  Murray has been coming up with his close friends, and sometimes their sons, since 2008.  A joker, he wasn't sure if we were pulling his leg when we called, but he is very happy now!  Murray landed 101" on June 10 of last year, with the biggest walleye being 27".  He told us on the phone that his buddies were going to be "all twisted up over this" because they ribbed him a lot while at the lodge - although those other guys never did get the Century Club designation!  Congratulations Murray - we look forward to hosting you and the rest of the guys back up here next June!

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