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Burbot run rampant at Wet Rock!

Jul. 26, 2004


A burbot catch is usually an odd ball in a night of fishing for trout or big walleyes... but for one night the Wet Rock burbot bite of 2004 was as consistent as it gets. The eel/fish were commanding the waters at 48ft to 51ft directly south of the Wet Rock and two lucky fishermen were there to cash in. Colin McInnes and Tim Konstaniuk were on hand to reap the first burbot trophies in two years. Colin cranked in his two Master Angler burbots 15 minutes apart! All told around 10 burbot were caught in around an hour of fishing with no other species being caught in that hour. The two fortunate guides were quoted as being pleased but somewhat disgusted by the slick greasy skin of the burbot and the difficulty of measuring them because of there eel like tails. The Wet Rock hasn't yielded anything like this before or since and the phenomenom cannot be explained - however these boys need no explanation.....just a good hook set!

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