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Big Molly's Place

May. 27, 2005


As you are aware from recent news entries, every year we open up the camp with "Molly Maid Week". The term was coined in 1989, the first year Gerry and three of his friends opened up the camp. Mops in hand, the three were dubbed the Molly Maids, and they were individually known as Big Molly, Tall Molly, and Short Molly. Big Molly was Gerry's eldest brother and best friend Bernie. He passed away last fall at the age of 59. As a tribute to his life, his legacy, and his hard work in helping transform Aikens into the place it is today we have renamed the Master Angler's Clubroom "Big Molly's Place" in his honor. Now, instead of going to have a drink in the Clubroom, you can say you're going to Big Molly's!!!

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