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Big Master Anglers on Aikens this week

Jun. 17, 2011


We've been too busy telling you about other things to let you know that the great fishing that’s “goin’on” here these last few days! Here is food for your eyes and fodder for your imagination.

The fishing overall this week has been as topsy turvey as the weather. Beautiful, warm and calm days mixed in with cooler, rainy, and windy days produced great numbers of walleye for incredible shorelunches and monsters for the record book in nearly all species present in Aikens Lake.

Renee caught the laker of her dreams with a 41”, Matt highlighted his first trip to Aikens with a  35.5” and Dave 38” took advantage of  30 hours of clear and calm weather to land huge Lakers that are often referred to as “ Sows” in contemporary lingo.

Renee’s big 41″ laker.  Matty with his big laker  David with the 38″ laker

The last three days have been a mix of sun and cloud, showers and wind but some large Northerns showed their preference for the sunny periods with Ken Richmond 44.5”, Alexander MacKenzie 45.5” and Griffin Hewitt 41” luring the “Essox Lucious” or “Water Wolf” into the record books.

 Ken’s big 44.5″  Andrew with a 45.5″ in the river  Ken with a big golden river walleye

Big Whitefish often make their presence felt in the pre-solstice period. Thor @ 22.5” and Adam @ 22” caught their Masters while basking in the sun while Steve caught his 23" on a cold and rainy day.

 Thor with a trophy whitefish on his first afternoon.  Mike showing off that big walleye!  Alvin shows off a big trophy walleye caught at Slamwaters!

New guest Mike coaxed  a post spawn female out of the “ Fast Water” on a beautiful day to score a Master Angler Walleye.  It was a very golden walleye, as was yesterday's thick 28" river walleye.  Griffin also scored a 29" on Banjo Reef so the walleyes are starting to venture out of the river and into the main body of the lake.  

The Camp is getting  busier by the day. All the guides are happy to be on the water every day now and anxious to put their guests on to the “Big Ones” while rounding out all the other aspects of the “Aikens Experience".  We are virtually sold out for the next three weeks so it will be a very busy and fun time at Aikens!

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