Aikens Lake News Archive - June 2013

Re-introducing Chef Élise

Date Jun. 07, 2013

Food services and the operation of the kitchen is one of Julie’s principal responsibilities. From planning the menus to selecting suppliers to managing the Aikens Lake Kitchen, the task is onerous. She will tell you that a good chef and competent staff are the key ingredients in that department. She was very pleased when Danica Ritchot came back to fill the sous-chef position for the third year in a row. When our chef for the last two years, Chad Robinson decided to accept different employment this spring, Julie went to her “ ace in the hole “. Long time employee and former chef here at Aikens Lake, Élise Blouin was available and Julie wasted no time filling her dance card, so to speak.

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The early bird gets…hooked!

Date Jun. 06, 2013

In September 2012, we interviewed the last guest of last season, Nick Leitch, and got a little insight on why he enjoys his Aikens Experience at the end of the season, coincidently the end of summer.

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